Tips to improve your online survey

Customer service can be improved by using an online survey maker: resolve disputes, adapt new services and points of sale to meet customer needs, and figure out what the audience is interested in. In the end, surveys boost a company’s profitability by keeping customers and increasing repeat orders.

Make the engagement process last longer

Create not only an engaging survey but also a series of related actions. For instance, it is worthwhile to offer to share a link to the study on other resources after the user has participated in it. You can also show a selection of relevant analytical materials about the survey. This will make the product more popular and get more people to your website.

Limit your number of open questions

People in the 21st-century value their time and strive to complete tasks quickly. As a result, knowing how to create a survey with a lot of open questions may initially repel the user. Statements like “What do you think of our product?” should not be used. The question, “Which of the following characteristics best describes our product in your opinion?” should be answered. 

Do not ask leading questions

First and foremost, asking leading questions will not result in effective responses because, in the end, the responses are as intended by the correspondent. Second, the user might stop taking the survey when he realizes that he is being manipulated. Therefore, refraining from using questions like “How much did you like the article?” because the reader suddenly didn’t like it at all.

Provide a reward for survey completion

The user needs to feel compelled to finish the survey. You can get answers and encourage the person to answer honestly by offering rewards. As a result, make use of a variety of discounts, promo codes, and content materials that the user can get after completing the survey.